How to Get a Comfy Sleeper Chair That Will Last You Forever

When it comes to finding a comfortable, multipurpose, and durable piece of furniture, you can’t go wrong with a top-quality sleeper chair. These chairs work like conveniently-sized sofas that double up as spare beds, recliners, and even desk seats.

Before you rush into buying a sleeper chair, it’s essential to know the critical features to look for that will ensure you’re investing in a quality furniture piece that’ll last a lifetime.

Here, you’ll find five of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a comfy sleeper chair.

1. Pick a Suitable Type of Sleeper Chair

There are several different sleeper chair-types. The two main styles are the pull-out sleeper chair and the fold-out sleeper chair.

The pull-out option is the most commonly-used sleeper chair for its ease of use. To turn it into a bed, you simply pull out the mattress from a tab or latch on the front of the seat. This method is simple and makes it the ideal choice for small spaces. 

The fold-out option works similarly. You fold down the mattress by unfurling the seat. This design is equally ergonomic, but the folded-up bed’s extra seat height may be inconvenient. You’re also more likely to drop things down the back of the seat and onto the mattress below.

If you camp a lot, you might also consider the camping sleeper chair option. These units are often inflatable and lightweight; however, they’re also more likely to have a smaller weight capacity and be less durable than other designs.

2. Top-Quality, Ergonomic Mattress

Half of a sleeper chair’s job is to act as a high-quality and comfortable bed for your guests. That means you’ve got to make sure you’re investing in a model that has a comfortable mattress.

Both memory foam and latex mattresses offer effective support for your body by molding to your contours. They also remember your body shape and help relieve physical joint pain. However, if you’re looking for something with added comfort, choose a pillow-top mattress.

You should also consider the mattress’ density. The lower the density, the more you’ll move down into the mattress layer. A higher density mattress will support you more, while a low-density mattress is better suited to side sleepers.

3. Stylish Fabric

The seat’s upholstery fabric determines the aesthetic appeal and how well it coordinates with your decor. It also impacts the longevity of the piece and your comfort when sitting.

If you want a durable and scratch-resistant option for your chair, look at faux leather, polyester, microfiber, or cotton. These upholstery types are ideal for sleeper chairs in high-traffic areas or kids bedrooms.

If you want something a little more luxurious, opt for linen or silk. However, these fabrics often require specialized cleaning and maintenance and are less affordable than other upholstery fabrics.

4. Strong Build & Durability

When it comes to durability, look for a sleeper chair that uses a scratch and heat-resistant fabric and has a robust internal frame.

For that reason, choose a sleeper chair with either a wood or steel frame. Wood is a naturally robust construction material. Make sure the wood used is high-quality kiln-dried hardwood rather than a composite or MDF option.

Steel frames are even stronger than high-quality wooden ones as they tend to have more stable joints that don’t splinter. Look for heavy-gauge steel or galvanized aluminum frames as they have better corrosion-resistance.

Ensure the upholstery has been applied evenly with no exposed staples or nails, which could cause injuries or snag the fabric. The fabric should fit snugly around the frame, and the padding inside must be even.

5. Adjustability & Practicality

If you’re trying to make the most of a small space, you should consider the chair’s adjustability range. Some sleeper chairs may offer various reclining angles, while others only have sitting and extended positions.

Some chairs won’t have adjustable armrests, which may be unsuitable if you require a specialized arm and shoulder support.

Another thing to consider is the practicality of the sleeper chair model. If you think you’re going to be moving the chair around your home regularly, choose a design that has a pair of locking castors.

Finally, if you’re too tall or big for a single-sized chair, opt for the chair and a half sleeper option. This design provides greater width and pull-out length than the standard sleeper chair option.

The Takeaway

There are many factors to consider before you can buy your ideal comfy sleeper chair. You should think about the design-type, and what form of opening mechanism the chair uses. You should also determine what type of mattress suits you or your guests best, depending on how you sleep and the level of support you need.

Finally, figure out what exactly you’re looking for when it comes to the overall build and adjustability of your new sleeper chair.

Once you’ve taken all these factors into account, you’ll be ready to purchase a comfy sleeper chair that will last you a lifetime.

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